Help me create this in Inkscape?

Howdy! I am still a newbie so I’ve been ordering files from Etsy… I bought this, sold some…BUT NOW PEOPLE WANT THEIR INITIALS! And obviously I am clueless on how to do this. I’ve watched YouTube videos but can’t find one that has the double circle that’s joined and I can’t get it to cut where it needs to cut. Would any of you lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: people be willing to teach me how to create one that has the offset circles like this?

All objects (circles and letters) need to be in vector format; no raster images and (I think) no groups - then you can select everything and go path->union.

You’ll find all kinds of detailed info here in the forum via Search:




I wish it would let me save that image lol

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right click on the image and “save image as”


I’ll be a bit more specific than @dwardio was. Work through this and at the end you will have a new skill, @Jules does a great job in it. You might find a few interface differences as she did this a few years ago.


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