Help me redesign this to save my fingers

So I have had to make 600 of these, they are all friction fit and my poor fingers are bleeding.

How can I redesign this to make it quicker or easier to assemble?


Why are your fingers bleeding???

Would bar clamps help? Harbor freight has super cheap little ones

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Hard to know what to advise when we don’t know your design limits. Like could you go for captive tab/slots instead? Could you use locking joints like in the 50 joints project? (the tabs would be proud)
What will they be used for?

If you’re making 600, backing off on your kerf adjustment and gluing might be a good option because you can glue them up as you go, assembly line style. By the time you get back to the first ones, they’ll be set enough to do the next step.

50 joints:


Specifically the locking joints.

Likewise, @dan’s locking serrations might be a good option. Depends on your strength requirements.

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if you keep to this design, I had success with rubber mallet tapping it in



Only partly joking. I need to wear gloves for a lot of tasks or my hands get all tore up real quick. I would definitely grab a pair of light work gloves before putting together 600 of those.


when faced with miles of weeding, I have elected to pull the mask first in one piece and then clean the smoke residue off of the cuts/engraves by wiping it off with household ammonia. It’s quicker than weeding by a magnitude.
If I had to individually weed the 6,000 wooden tokens engraved both sides I would still be at it…


Which locking joint? I can only see one on there and don’t understand how I would use it?

Honestly by the simplest.

Sorry, didn’t include a scale. These are 3 inches long, they are drawers for a box.

Here are two.

Scroll to at least the third entry, I post two types. The second one was what I was thinking.

Then there’s this:

Got you - yes I was thinking about those. Didn’t know that was what they were called.

In this case they would push through and sit below the base of the drawer. I would have to do something to add runners, which is not impossible.

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