Help me shorten my print time

I’m a beginner to GF and to inkscape and I know what I want the machine to do but I’m not sure how to get there!

I want to make wooden disks with an engraving on them. I would like to make multiple at a time but right now it seems the GF wants to engrave each disk as a separate item. I feel like it would be faster to make all of the engraving at the same time. Right now it wants to take 3 hours to make six 4in disks.

Can anyone in the :glowforge: world help me?

Lots of us can help but we need more info.

What software are you using? Are your engraves vector or raster art? If you’re willing to post the art we might have more suggestions.

Once you answer these things I’m sure someone can give you a boost.

Combine your engrave bitmap into a single image with six copies of the design within, or at least three in a single row.

Have the laser do the latter, vs. the former…

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Orient text left and right and not vertical will also speed up engraving.

Yes! This is exactly what I’m trying to do. How do I do that?! I’m already importing the file into the GF as one file with 6 of my images. I think there’s a step on inkscape that I’m missing.

As I already said, combine the multiple copies of the engrave part into one image - either in a raster/bitmap app., or “make a bitmap copy” in Inkscape will probably do it as well.

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(confirmed - “make a bitmap copy” in Inkscape combines the individual bitmaps as you need, just delete the individual copies afterwards.)

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It worked! It’s now telling me it will only take about an hour and a half which is way better! I knew there was something I wasn’t getting. Thanks for the help!



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