Help me with my leather AirTag holder…

I wanted to make some AirTag holders myself. I am playing around with leather first, and have this so far:

I’d like to get opinions on sewing style. Also, maybe I should make the sewing holes larger, and fewer, and use leather strings/straps instead of thread?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



Personally, I think a Celtic Claddagh style weave would look good.

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Looks nice! I think you should make the top where the hole is a little heftier because it looks like it might tear after some wear- especially if you’re using it on something you carry around every day like keys. Maybe combine the 2 pieces and fold it over? What thickness leather are you using?
As far as the stitching, I’ve made some key fobs and used 1 line of stitch holes around the outside and saddle-stitched it. I haven’t done any lacing - yet.

That’s a lovely design! I would suggest making the opening as small as you can get it and still squeak the tag through (since there’ s not a huge edge to hold it in), and stick with a single line of stitching. Trying to use leather cord is a PITA. What you want is waxed thread (you can buy it pre-made, or make your own buy running thick thread (multi-strand embroidery floss works well) through beeswax). I think a blanket or buttonhole stitch around the edge would give it a great finished look too!


[quote=“fractalsuar, post:3, topic:94525”]
Maybe combine the 2 pieces and fold it over?[/quote]

That is a great idea. I’ll make it longer too.

~1/16". It’s some sample leather I had from when we were looking at leather couches. I’ll use Proofgrade Medium Leather which I have, or will look for something slightly thicker, possibly 1/8". I haven’t really worked with leather, so I’d be curious if you know of a good source for leather.

The part of the AirTag you see is how one can open the AirTag and replace the battery. Of course, one can also remove the stitching if the AirTag is in there tighter. The battery is supposed to last a year.

I just ordered some waxed thread.

Tandy (the place I linked for the waxed thread) is a fabulous source. If you have a local store, even better, but online works :slight_smile:

I agree with Tandy Leather especially if you have a store near you. Online I get my leather from Frogjelly leather, Springfield Leather, and The Leather Guy they are all great places to buy leather.


I can’t think of anything to improve on this but I will say that this is a very beautiful and elegant design for something being so simple. Add a little design in the sewing pattern and you’re golden!