Help me with something

I am wanting to create an R2D2 style of coasters made from the round catalog coasters. I already created graphics and actually created the coasters as you can see by the image below, but what I want to do and would like help in the form of ideas, is how to attach the “eye” piece that I also cut out.

I was thinking of just gluing it to the back side and maybe making more wedge pieces to help support it where the curves are but its also a lot taller than the coasters. So maybe I make it smaller? Or maybe copy those edges of the coaster holder and make smaller/shorter versions for the back side to help build up height so it can support the eye?

Another idea was to somehow attach it to the front right where the finger opening is and make the eye moveable or bendable, perhaps on a spring, so it can be shifted away to lift out a coaster and it will spring back… like those old style license plate / gas tank covers.

Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks!


What a cute idea! :grinning:
(No earthly how to attach the eye piece, but I’m sure you’ll figure something out.)

Very cute!

One way to add the eye would be to widen the front opening so the coasters could be slightly tilted up and then slid out the front. The eye could sit on top. (Kinda hard to explain.)

What if the coasters each had a tab in the shape of the sliced eye piece? When they are stacked, in the right order (makes it into a puzzle a little too), then the front parts that stick out into the opening of the holder create the eye. Since they’d extend, it would also make it easy to use them as a lifting option to get them out of the holder.

Edit: I now re-read and see that the holder and the coasters were pre-made, but you could use them as a template, then modify it and make the whole thing :smiley:

Edit:Edit: I now interpret Catalog Coasters as a design you bought and then printed, back to the original modification idea and I’m putting my trigger finger on time out.

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I like this idea… maybe for the next one I will try something like this.

i do get what you are suggesting but I didn’t want to change anything I have already done.

And yes I bought the catalog coasters. Though they are simple, they make a good starting point to where I can quickly add design to engrave upon.

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Thanks for the ideas… I did end up coming up with another solution.

I thought about how tilting the eye instead of just gluing it to the side… which led to creating another base to gluing wedges on to hold the eye at the angle, then gluing the original base to it as well. While it may be dumb to have 2 bases, it does complete this project. If I were to remake this one, I could ignore the original base and just use mine, though i’d have to resize it to just fit the coasters themselves and the base.


Oh man, I was too quick to reply and I thought you were asking about modifying the file to include the eye. My bad.:skull_and_crossbones:. Your solution looks great!

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No worries… you had a great idea… just not what I had in mind. But I think having the coasters being able to pull out on an angle would be cool.