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Hello Community,

My name is JC, my glowforge is broken and I need to print some designs for a friend’s Baby Shower.

If you live in Miami, FL great but if not I’ll pay for shipping + material + labor. I have the design ready to go.

Type and amount of materials required, timeframe, and aprox. print time would probably go a long way…


The design size is 11x19 or close to that. timeframe as soon as possible. aprox print time don’t have that.

I am in Tampa if you can make the drive, but I just saw that
@martinezyudisley is starting up in Miami area.

What material?

plywood bass it’s fine with me. I’m not too concern of the material we are using as long as it’s on wood

If you can help, I pay for shipping.

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sent pm

Hi, I’m sorry I will love to help but I haven’t received my WF yet :(. I do have a Cricut if that can help and have experience designing on the software.
I’m located in Miami area.
I hope that help!

Sent PM. I’m in Miami…

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