HELP Please?

My machine didn’t recognize the wood properly and I’m currently engraving/scoring and cutting on Medium Maple Plywood but the machine thinks it’s Medium Basswood Hardwood.

Do I need to stop the machine? It’s engraving fine but I’m worried about when it goes to cut. Will it be too powerful? Fire? Not cut all the way thru?

Please help!

It will be fine. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I was worried as heck, lol

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When it’s done - carefully pull the pieces out of the wood still on the bed - if any of them don’t come out just close the lid and run only the cut again.

Honestly, you should get in the habit of always doing it that way - you never know when something will catch for an odd reason and not moving the material is the only way to 100% guarantee the same cut a 2nd time.


I don’t know how I’d do that. I don’t have the sheet pinned down. There’s no way to change the cut settings while it’s printing, is there? I guess I could always cancel the job when it’s about to cut if I can catch it at the right moment but I don’t know what the cut settings are for the wood I’m using. Idk. Everything else looks good so far. It’s scoring rn.

You carefully press down on your material and then gently wiggle the pieces with a pick or maybe your finger. If they wiggle, they are fully cut, If they don’t, some part of the cut didn’t go all the way through.

If you need to do a cut again, you set the engrave(s) to ignore and then only re-run the cuts. You don’t need to know the settings.


Ok, thank you!


OR…use a loop of masking tape around a couple fingers and press it onto the pieces and pull up on them.


Welp, it didn’t work. I cut thru twice and have 2 useable ornaments out of 14 :frowning: Oh well. I guess it’s a learning lesson. Always make sure your materials match what the machine sees and what’s actually in there.

and use honeycomb hold-down pins on every job! You can cut them out of the now-scrap piece you have and save yourself any waste :slight_smile:
(I keep a bucket of about 25 of them on top of my :glowforge: at all times)


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