Help remove glue

I’m so incredibly bad at gluing! I have ruined way too many things with errant glue. Anyone have any suggestions to remove this smear of CA glue from PF? It’s the shiny spot above the eye. Even dulling it a bit would help. I’m assuming all hope is lost to really remove it :confused:


Hard to even see it! Things like that drive me nuts too though. Debonder would stain the wood. Can you just put a light coat of polyurethane on it so it’s all shiny?


There’s a glue remover that works pretty well, BSI makes it. I’m not sure if it would dull the finish though, so test it on a scrap first.


I’ve run into the same issue before.

My honest recommendation is to do nothing. Almost certainly most glue removers will damage the face. With prefinished wood, you do not have much room to fix it.

The way I have dealt with this before is just sanding, but the veneer on the PG is far too thin for that, and then you need to refinish the wood even if you ended up not sanding into the MDF under the veneer.

I have ruined work before trying to fix little stuff like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really awesome work btw!


No help for this one but as much as I love CA I am trying to make better decisions on when to use CA and when to use yellow glue (tight-bond).

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Acetone will remove CA. Not sure how it’ll effect the wood though


I use this, but as others have said it will likely remove the finish from the wood as well:

The easiest thing to do might be to seal the whole thing. I bet if you sealed it all with a mat or semi-mat sealer (mod podge is widely available and inexpensive, and comes in a lot of different finishes, but there are lots of different ones. There are even some spray on ones), then you wouldn’t notice it at all.


My suggestions are redundant, but I’ll add them FWIW - acetone should remove the glue, though that may have an undesirable effect on the wood. Re-sealing the whole piece might help to disguise the glue shiny.

Sorry that I don’t really have any new/useful info to offer. I do want to mention how beautiful this piece is, though! I especially love the twin leaping hares for the nose. Are the white bits painted or inlaid?

Okay. Rather than continue a speculative thread I figured I’d do a test to see. I put some CA on a piece of scrap PG Cherry. I smeared it around so it was flat to the surface (not a blob that should first be pried off with a razor blade). Then I tried denatured alcohol, CA de-bonder and Acetone.

I applied the fluid with a Q-tip and immediately wiped it off with the dry side of the Q-tip.

  • The denatured alcohol had no effect.
  • CA de-bonder (2P*10 brand) did remove the CA spot but left a slightly flat look to the finish. It didn’t exactly remove the underlying finish either - just seemed to slightly flatten the sheen. But the affect is almost unnoticeable and doesn’t show in photos so I can’t add any here.
  • Acetone appears to be the winner. It also removes the remnant CA spot but if wiped away immediately does not alter the finish.:slight_smile:

I’d recommend testing a scrap before going at a finished production piece just so you get the results you want and are able to control the Q-tip.


Awesome! Thanks for testing! :grinning:

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If I did not have chemicals to try, I’d test dulling the sheen with a magic eraser, which is a mild abrasive. You could pinch off a tiny bit and hold it with tweezers.

I have been using wood glue and found the warm white vinegar will remove the glue. Just adding this in case someone searches and needs this answer.


Don’t have a solution that does not affect the finish, but very creative piece of work.

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