Help! Stainless steel bar necklaces?

Hey everyone!
My daughter wants to make some laser engraved bar necklaces for her friends. However the bar necklace blanks are stainless steel. I have seen multiple people who sell laser engraved necklaces like this but am wondering if it will work on the glowforge? I’ve read here on the forums that it might be harmful so just wondering:)




Not harmful in itself. Just not effective. You need either a more powerful laser of a different type or some type of marking fluid like Cermark.

Thank you!

Cermark has a tape application also, doesn’t it? Seems like the tape would be ideal for this type of project.


Yes, the tape would be a better option.

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Not tried this yet but have seen a few videos on it and seems easy + practical.

Laser a design template on tape and sacrifice a bar for greater glory.


And share the settings! :grin:


Was coming to say the same thing!

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Yeah, the saltwater etch seems like the way to go.

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Depending on the quality of the steel, you may mark it with just the laser. I recall someone doing it to a spoon or something. You won’t go wrong with Cermark, but you could also try mustard (it works for some) or vinegar. The great thing with metal is if it doesn’t work you haven’t ruined anything. With the one caveat that sometimes it partially works and you wind up with some faint etching, but still better than a wood product you know you’ll waste.

All that said, you’ll only wind up with a permanent discoloration using Cermark, mustard, whatever and not an etching that goes below the surface of the bar like in your picture. So maybe saltwater is what you want.