Help transfering patterns

Starting with a vector and tracing it never made sense to me. Even less so printing something out, scanning it, and tracing it. It’s like that movie where they made a clone of a clone of a clone. Every step just adds more imperfections.


Alright, so from the help I’ve received on here I have successfully been able to convert and print one of the lenses from the pattern. I should be able to take care of the rest of it by myself, but wanted to give a big thanks to all of you (especially @evansd2 who was invaluable).


Final Update: Over the course of the day I have successful converted the entire pattern and printed that pattern. In a matter of 15 minutes, through 2 large plates of leather and some acrylic i have printed the entirety of my first converted pattern! Now to fix the rest of them, lol. I love this machine and this community! Thanks again everybody!


That’s great that you stuck to it and got it converted. The skill sets you picked up in this project are going to pay you back many times over as you do more projects. :slight_smile:


When in bitmap I use Gimp. It is usually easy to mask/ highlight watermarks and make them go away , or you can mask that ignores watermarks and convert to path and that to SVG.

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This was a case where it was a vector and the watermarks were discrete objects, helpfully grouped.

Select the group in inkscape, delete, and they’re gone. It would have been possible to change their color and simply ignore them in the UI, but for this project they are just clutter so it’s simpler to remove them.

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The very point of watermarks is that they are not so easy to remove. I have never seen them in vector.

PDFs are touted as largely read only, that probably discourages most people.

We are not most people.


So new issue to for the hivemind. I moved on and was able to change a couple more patterns. Then came across, what seems like all the remaining ones, patterns that have a mask. I removed the mask and tried to break up the pattern but it says there’s no groups to ungroup and no paths to break apart. Is there a trick here or am I S.O.L. with these since they SEEM to be only an image?
So like I select the image and its the whole pattern, there doesn’t seem to be any different parts at all.
Edit: I found that the pattern itself is a fill inside of a rectangle?

They are likely only an image. Inkscape has a clip path but the GFUI will not recognize it. Anything white will not be engraved. As you can only crop rectangles (only aliens know how to crop circles) the part you do not wish to engrave you can make full white and the GFUI will ignore it.

In Gimp, I can move parts to different layers and then export each layer as a PNG to drop into Inkscape, or you can just move them and have all on the same image but locked there.

There is a way to “make png” in Inkscape if you have not scaled the image but it will use the current dpi and may lose information.


That needs to go on a new GF Maker badge :smiley:


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