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It’s July 30, and many of us – a suspicious number, really – have the nice round date of September 30 as the Estimated Delivery Date for our filters. Given the lack of a “monthly” “update”, I have a couple of questions for @dan regarding the “impending” shipments:

  • A few months ago, the heading on the date on the Account page quietly changed from the rather Soviet “Estimated Shipping Notification Date” to the much more straightforward “Estimated Delivery Date”. While this happened about two years after it should have ceased to be relevant to me, allow me to nevertheless applaud the simplification. I would interpret “Estimated Delivery Date” to mean an estimate of the date by which we would receive our delivery. Is that indeed what you mean by it? If not, then what do you mean by it?

  • If that is what it means, for us on the east coast of the US it seems like you’d have to start shipping crates out in a couple of weeks, no? So is the manufacturing facility a bustling hive of filter-assembling activity? If not, then shouldn’t you be updating the Estimated Delivery Dates?

Agree with the above, given we have not seen so much as a picture - I am guessing there is an update coming with a nov date.


There were a couple of photos shared last year:

Continuing the discussion from April 2017 update:

What I love about that one is that Dan has been saying that he could not possibly tell “customers” what is happening with the equipment that they paid for almost three years ago because that would give away valuable trade secrets, but helpfully describing airflow through the prototype was apparently no problem.

“The vast majority” of pre-order customers ordered a filter. How many people are still waiting on a filter, @dan? How many have canceled?

Here’s a less informative one from Email update June 2017: Glowforge shipments underway, schedule update, and more:

Not seen a picture - so for me this is great progress - smile (:mushroom: hope)

Given that was thirteen months ago, and Dan got all coy about the filter after that, it’s likely the design has changed quite a bit since then.