Help ungrouping an svg of a 3d mandala

Thanks everyone who helped me figured this out! My life is a little better and a lot simpler… because of you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I purchased an svg of a multilayered cross and cannot figure out how to ungroup the set of layers on the Glowforge software and in Inkspace. When I import the file into Cricut’s Design Space is as simple as it should be: touch, ungroup, and done. The ungroup feature is not working on Inkscape.
Since I know many people here must have been purchased these type of svgs, I am hoping that someone will turn on the light for me.
The designer from Etsy was kind enough to email 6 different svgs, but I want to continue doing mandalas so I need to learn how to ungroup them.
I REALLY appreciate your help! Thanks!

Each layer needs to be a different color to show as separate steps in the Glowforge workspace.

they are on the original file :frowning:

Yes, but you need to edit it in a design app to separate the layers.

Never mind, I missed that you said Inkscape.

Just click on each layer after you have ungrouped them, and change the Stroke color by holding shift and clicking on a color in the palette.

There is a lot of info here about arranging print steps by color, you can load a custom palette into Inkscape to make it simple, but that’s not necessary.

Here is the custom palette for Inkscape: (971 Bytes)


The problem is that I am not able to ungroup the layers in Inkscape :frowning:

You might need to share some more details.

Inkscape is pretty robust. It’s used by many professional graphic designers in place of expensive app. Click a group, select “Ungroup”, and the objects are separated. Move them around individually to be able to change color and such.

What exactly happens when you select “Ungroup”?

Unfortunately nothing!!! :frowning: I did the same command on Cricut’s Design Space and did get it ungrouped…

I did ungroup under the object tab if that is any different

Not sure what to say then.

It could be the layers are not actually grouped objects, but combined paths.

You could try Path/Break Apart to see what that does.


Believe it or not… I have tried that to as I did a lot of research online, but that no luck. Thank you so much for trying!!! I really appreciate.

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When you ungroup you have to have the group object selected and not one of the sub pieces. If the design is grouped in-depth then each group object needs to be ungrouped separately.

If you hold down the CTL key when picking the part you want to modify it will reach through all the groups and allow you to modify just that piece. I have even joined pieces across groups.

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Sometimes you have to click ungroup a few times for it to work. Click away from it and see if they are now individual shapes. If that fails, try path, break apart. You may get a lot of black shapes, which you can fix by setting the fill to none and setting the stroke color and width.


Great morning and THANK YOU!!! After trying your suggestion and not succeeding I decided to start fresh and import again the file. Surprise, surprise… or like a HUGE DUH!!!
When I imported the file I left the default to not be editable. I changed it, follow your suggestion and life is GREAT!!!
Once again, thank you sooooo much!!! I am sorry it was such a silly mistake!!!


Good morning!!! Finally figured out my absurdly Inkscape newbie mistake, I was importing the file without allowing it to be editable. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:
Thank you so much for your help!!!


You won’t believe what I was doing… NOT allowing the file to be editable when I imported it :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:
Once again thank you for your help. After I pressed ungroup a few times as someone else suggested I got it. Yeahhhhh


With computers especially every mole hill is a great wall until you figure out the widget that gets you past it.
“if you hold down this key, when you do that, this totally different thing happens” and there is no intuitive expectation it would be true, and it may differ with different machines or programs that do the same job. :crazy_face:

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