Help with a piece of acrylic

So I was at a home goods store and saw this acrylic photo holder it’s 2 pieces of acrylic held together by 4 very small powerful magnets you can barely see.

The acrylic is clear and made to put a picture between the two chunks of acrylic each one is right around an inch thick.

I bought two of them one to most likely mess up an another that hopefully comes out good.

I’ve only carved on thin acrylic like proofgrade and to be honest with mixed results compared to what I’ve seen other put out there.

I have made snowflakes and things like that basically what one might call a black and white image or close to it. I’ve tried to engrave some pictures using settings the machine came with for proof grade and to be honest I wasn’t thrilled granted they were fairly small like 3” by 3” but the results were just lack luster using good high quality images.

Really hate to destroy these acrylic blocks since each is 2 half’s I figure I have about 4 shots to practice before I work on the final one.

Don’t even know what I’m going to put on it I just couldn’t pass it up when I saw it just screamed make me into something lol.

If anyone has tried something like this can you le me know what you used for settings? I know to turn an image into grayscale and then a negative image blacks to white and white to black but the machine settings have me a bit lost especially on such a thick piece of that makes any difference at all.

Thanks am in no giant hurry want to do it right first time.

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How thick are your acrylic pieces? Do you intend to use each piece separately, or are you engraving one piece and still intend to use the 2 pieces as a frame for a traditional photo?

The most important part of this project will be to prepare your photo. There are quite a few posts in the forum regarding this, so I think your best bet would be to read everything you can about photo prep. Here is a place to start: Acrylic engravings of feminist icons


The pieces sound like they are probably cast, but if by chance they are extruded, you will get a poor engrave.


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