Help with acrylic engraving please

We just received our GP a few days ago. Yesterday I cut acrylic (which it worked perfectly), but the engrave was very light, so much that you have to put against the light to see it. I use the orange medium acrylic proofgrade, so I don’t understand it. I don’t understand a lot…
The item I am talking about is the pendant that is a free design. I want to engrave other pieces, but don’t want to waste acrlylic.
Thank you!

The orange is opaque, so you’re not going to see your engraving very well. If you paint it before removing the masking, though, you can get some good effects. These were done using the PG orange acrylic – I spray painted black after engraving, let it dry, then peeled the masking to reveal the unengraved areas:


Thank you so much!!! Love the tigers!! :slight_smile:


Wow!!! They seriously look amazing. I can’t wait to test out some acrylic.

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