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Hello all. Just purchased a Glowforge pro. I was told by the sales person that it can engrave on brass. I have been extremely unsuccessful with this. I have tried multiple settings Cermak . Would love if any one has any ideas or trick or settings Please

You can not engrave any metal. You can mark metal using various products such as cermark, mustard, dry moly lube and a few other home made recipes. You can also mark anodized metals but the laser is just not powerful enough to engrave any metal. That sales person lied!
Use the search function here for more info.


Thank you for the information

It’s not a direct answer to your cermark settings question but you might like #11:

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I don’t know if the salesperson actually LIED or just kinda re-configured the truth… :slight_smile: - you can Mark metal, (light very light engrave) and with a spray you can have the “mark” colored (usually black) Here is a GREAT video on what your new glowforge can do!


This information is extremely helpful. we are mostly looking at putting our logo on the product which obviously is brass. so the marking will work

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Welcome to the forum. Everyone is happy to answer your questions. Most of what you want to know has probably been asked and if you just put a word in and search, you’ll be inundated with info!!

Polished brass is almost a perfect mirror for IR light (what your laser produces). Without a marking spray, you could end up reflecting the laser beam back up to the print head or onto some other component and burning it. Just be careful with that!

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Cermark should work though if I remember correctly there may be a particular formulation for Brass. Often brass plates have a clear coating on them. If so it may cause a problem with the chemical bonding between the Cermark and brass. Just a thought.


does any one have the laser setting? I have seen so many. i am using a pro atm

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Welcome to the forum.

No one has the exact settings that will work for you because there are so many variables. What brass are you trying to mark? Is it polished or bare? How have you prepared the surface? Did you wipe with alcohol, wash or nothing? Are you applying Cermark or some other agent?

If you utilize the search function you will find lots of posts concerning metal marking agents and their successful use.

It doesn’t engrave it at all…it’s a chemical reaction of the medium (Cermark) bonding to the material.


i’ve run my hand over metal and felt an indent, I guess i was feeling the lasered bonded material… Hmmmmm

And if I remember correctly, you must have a certain type of Cermark for brass. The regular stuff that’s used for steel won’t work. I think maybe Cermark Ultra is what you need.


You need this specific Cermark (which conveniently works on several other metals)