Help with converting pic

So, i have this pic, i want it to cut along the lines and engrave on the whites, but i cant get it to work, anyone who can help? :frowning:soot3

Try this:

I’ve broken out the shapes into three different pieces:

The black fill can be engraved separate from the yellow fill. The red stroke can be used as your cut line.

Your problem was that the original was a single compound shape.


Thanks so much!

BTW, if you downloaded the file already, please check that there are no red lines around the eyes. I noticed my mistake after the fact and re-uploaded a corrected version.

just got the broken one cut xD
But thanks again! :slight_smile:

But how did you do break out the shapes?

Quickest way to do it, since it was a relatively simple compound shape, was to create a duplicate of the shape for each operation and delete the appropriate parts.

The first part is the original art, with the black fill.

The second part is a duplicate with the outer line removed, leaving just the fill for the eyes.

The third part is a duplicate with the eyes removed, leaving just the outline.

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wish that comic was still being done.