Help with Cutting Canvas Panels

Hey everyone, I am looking for some help, as I am totally new to Glowforge! I am working on a project with my students and I was wondering if anyone has experimented with canvas panels

We’re trying to create interactive artwork, and I feel like using the GF to cut holes into the panels would be a lot easier for the students. The problem is, I believe that the canvas has been glued to the tagboard underneath. I’m not sure what type of glue or how thick it is, but I’m wondering if I should even attempt this.

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Should be fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are settings here in the Beyond the Manual section for working with canvas…you would need to adjust them slightly to account for the addition of the tagboard, so plan on doing some experimenting before turning the kids loose on it.

Awesome! Thank you! I had read that the glue can cause fumes that can stick to the lens and cause all sorts of problems, so I just wanted to be sure.

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Did you ever try this?

We did try this - we did not seem to notice any worse fumes than normal - but my fear is that they might be there building up and caking onto the lens. I guess only time will tell!

Thanks for the follow up!