Help with cutting into Oak


Hi Everyone, I really hope you can help this Scots man. I am trying to cut a Celtic symbol into 3/4” oak and the cutting lines appear to be too thick and are also scorching. When I try the same logo out using proofgrade material it works brilliantly. Do I need to remove the honeycomb and make the top of my oak the same level as if it was proof grade material that I was using or can I alter the focus height setting in the software? Is there settings you could provide me to get me started? I am just starting out with my Glowforge and could really do with some advice? I hope some of you experts can help me. Thank you and take care.


Hi, welcome to the forum!

Yes, that’s exactly right, you will need to remove the tray, and then prop the oak onto something to bring the top surface of it up into correct focus range…it’s actually dangerous to try to use 3/4" thick material on top of the tray.

There are a couple of tutorials on how to do it here:


I recommend getting something like this:


I may be biased but I feel the tray removed calculator is the best. :smiley: