Help with engraving aluminum 14gauge

hello there! I’ve been secretly stalking you all out for a while and have made some great things, but tonight I was suprised with how I couldn’t engrave on aluminum 14gauge (it’s the blanks used for jewelry stamping) The material is 0.038" and I can’t see to get a setting to take. You can see the glowforge trying to engrave but it’s not leaving a mark…i’ve tried like everything, any ideas?

Bare aluminum will not mark with 40-45 watts. It needs to be anodized or treated with something like cermark.


I’m assuming its a clear anodize, so you’re going to need to use something like Cermark, LaserBond 100, or several other things you can search for here in the forums.

@jbmanning5 answered while I looked a couple of things up. There is more you can search for in the forum too.


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