Help with FDNY logo

This looks like it might be the original designer’s website:

which might be helpful.

Yes , wow thank you

Hi … by mid February possibly … it would be 3x4 feet … I’m creating this with a friend who can make the base … I just need the fireman , twin tower buildings words and hose … the flames we can paint.,

I would definitely say contact the original artist ( first - if you can get permission they likely have the pieces already separated. If that doesn’t work one of the folks here who is better with Illustrator will likely chime in!


Yes , I will and thanks again for your help .

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FYI, I used to search for this, by uploading your original image.

It found lots of examples of similar things. I was mostly looking for a clean version of the design.

I didn’t see the original designer until I clicked on one of them and Google showed the original designers website as a similar result.

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Thank you ., I’m sending an email out today . Hopefully it will work out .
I’m going to try that site it may help me with other projects … thank you …

I’m a true beginner with Adobe illustrator… I just would like to learn how to upload a picture from the internet and convert it . I’m paying so much money on Etsy to buy images …
thanks for all your help …

How exactly do you need to convert it? What exactly are you trying to do?

Sometimes I find people spend more time futzing with an image than is actually necessary for their project :wink:

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Have you checked out the many tutorials in the Matrix in the Glowforge Tips & Tricks category? Here’s a link:

In general I can’t design … with the FDNY image once I get the ok and hopefully the designer can send me the svg I have to resize it to a 3x4 foot logo … and I only have the GF plus …

As for other projects I pay for every svg on Etsy …
How do you get free images and convert them to an SVG from the website .
That’s my issue mostly .
I want to make a cake topper that’s says boy or girl with a heart and question mark … the bit abs girl I can do but the images I can’t …

I can use the images in the new update in the GF but I can’t attach to make it one image…
let me show you an example

I can make he or she but I can’t add the heart or any image .

No . But I will now . Thank you

Ok - so if I’m understanding correctly, you want to take that Engine 10 Ladder logo, and make it big. 3x4 feet.

Do you want to engrave it on wood? are you planning on using the passthrough slot on your Glowforge?

I might suggest you scale down your plans a little… just so you can do it as once piece. If you do 20" wide, then you could use the passthrough and do it as one big piece. If you really need it 3x4, you may need to split it in half and use the passthrough for each half. Or without the passthrough, maybe you could split it into 6 pieces to do that scale.

Either way, to do something at that scale, you probably need either:

  1. a much higher resolution version of this file (maybe the original designer can give/sell you that)
  2. a vector version of the file that you can scale up without losing detail

You may be able to create a vector version of that using Image Trace in Illustrator, or various online tools like

All this said, I might take the suggestion of learning some more Illustrator basics, which will go a long way with GF’ing.

Good luck!

This looks like a descent tutorial for Image Trace in Illustrator…

I might actually try it now, since I’m a bit unfamiliar with using Illustator for this myself :slight_smile:

That image is so busy, there’s no chance of auto-tracing it. It’s not really laser cutter material.

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Auto-tracing with some clean-up could give you something pretty good… at least an abstraction of the original logo.

I just played with this for 10m, and here’s what I came up with.

Actually, the default Image Trace settings for “Low Quality Photo”, give a reasonable result:

And then I fiddled with things a bit, which maybe made parts of it better? Dunno, you be the judge:

Here’s the SVGs if the original poster want to use them as a starting point:

Engine10-ImageTrace-Low|2x3, 2000%

Engine10-ImageTrace-Custom|2x3, 2000%


It’s amazing the help you can get from strangers . Just that alone I’m grateful …

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Ok, I shouldn’t have said “no chance of auto-tracing”, since you of course you can load anything up and click trace. I meant specifically in the context of translating those results into cuts and scores. But I admit I have a limited imagination when it comes to the creativity some folks have.

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I agree on that. Those SVGs I created, I wouldn’t not try to cut or score them.

I would only use them to scale up and engrave something - which I think is what the OP is getting at

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They have a Plus so no passthrough - it would have to be done as individual smaller elements that are pieced together.


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