Help with Fusion 360

I just downloaded Fusion 360. I could use some help with how to take my designs from fusion to the glowforge.

Couldn’t we all, lol! I am no F360 expert, it’s a steep curve, but there are tutorials and plugins that can help.

Some good tips on how people do stuff in that search.


Curious why you would have “just downloaded” it - it’s not an ideal choice for vector design. It’s a 3D CAD tool.

People with CAD experience can certainly work as efficiently as with a vector design tool, but it’s not an ideal choice if you don’t fall into that category.

elfguy is right. fusion 360 is insanely powerful. And unless you get the addin from the router people, whose name suddenly escapes me. Oh ya Shaper Origin.

you will have trouble creating anything with any accuracy. it was driving me nuts for a while. and the addin did NOT correctly install first time. you can search on my name for those trials and tribulations. it is working now, and quite well for the record.

inkscape will be your goto application I would bet.

Okay as said above, Fusion 360 may or may not be a good fit depending on your use case. It’s my go-to most of the time.
Two simple ways to get them ready for the Glowforge and several not so easy. Two plugins you want to look at are the Shaper Origin and the laser to dxf. Both are free in the Fusion store. There is also an option to export dxf from a sketch. That bit is built-in. For the dxf options open them in Inkscape then save as SVG

Start with this :


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