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Before i go scour the internet for an answer I thought I’d check here.
Anyone know how to get the correct gradient fill on this black outline? (Yes, it’s a shape and not a stroke.) I want it to go from light on the outer edge to black on the inner edge like in the below gradient example. I don’t work with gradient fills much and damn if I can figure out how to get the fill to follow the shape. I was thinking I could use contouring as well, but that’s not working either. I use Corel but direction using any draw program would be fine.


Very easy with Gimp. If you import a SVG into Gimp you have the option to turn the vectors into paths. I did a detailed explanation here…


What software? In Illustrator I think you just choose the gradient tool, make sure it’s set to linear, choose white as one color and black as the other, then click on the left side and drag to the right (or the other way, I never remember).


My big issue with the gradient tool is that it will not follow the curves while a brush on a path can follow whatever the curve is in your design,


Especially inner glow.

Is this the effect you are looking for? Having a gradient follow curves is interesting. You can make a mesh gradient that gives you control on the inner space fill of an object too.

You will have to export as raster since Glowforge doesn’t do vector fill gradient.


If you are doing a 3D engrave of a 2D shape having the gradient follow the shape is a useful thing.

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Does Corel have a gradient mesh type tool? That is meant for more organic shapes, like this.

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Whoops. I didn’t catch that Corel Draw was in play. Yes. Mesh gradient is a feature.

Thanks guys, not at home but will try these suggestions tonight and at least I have somewhere to start. My problem is getting it to follow the curve and I think the mesh tool would work, but it’ll be a big PIA. I’ll give the Gimp tutorial a try first I think.

But wait, using “glow” made me think of using a drop shadow and the breaking the party and shadow apart. That might work too.

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