Help with illustrator reducing steps

Yes, I tried searching. I’m sure it’s been asked but I couldn’t find it so here goes. I have some art I made with a lot of paths in one layer. When I upload it there’s a million different steps. Is there a way to combine those steps into one? I’ve already tried merge and if I make a compound path all the fill goes away. I’d love to reduce it down to two steps which is how many layers I hate.

On that note, I wish you could hold down shift and scroll through on the GF app so that you could choose to make multiple steps the same all at one time.

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Consider making your engraves a bitmap. Leave the cuts vectors.


Duh! I just found rasterize. I’m really new to Illustrator so I appreciate the help. Thanks!


So I am not an Illustrator guy, but if that were me in Inkscape, I would use booleans to merge the path shapes into one big path. In inkscape it’s Path->union, I don’t know the exact method that AI uses… but I’d think that if you got them to all be one path object (not a group or something) then GF would treat it as such?

Vector engraves are sometimes better than raster, it’s situational… but there is probably an analogous process that will let you get one step vector engrave with AI.

Make everything exactly the same color, both fill and stroke. GF interprets different colors as different steps.


You can combine multiple open paths with ctrl or cmd and 8 at the same time. Same as going to Object>Compound Path>Make. It will make all of the paths the same color and combine them together so that they are all one step in the GF interface.

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