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OK guys I am having a huge problem and I’m not really sure what is going on I did this with the dog bone tournament in illustrator and I have no problem typing out my text Makin! my text one piece by creating an outline and then uniting my text and then moving my text inside the dog bone creating an outline andThen using the unite button again to make the text in the dog bone one piece. Here I have this file that is a bunny that I purchased off Etsy and I add the text into it and it will not let me do it I don’t understand any help is very much appreciated


Give the larger bunny shape a fill color.
Give the smaller bunny shape a fill color, and make sure it’s on top of the larger bunny.
Subtract the smaller bunny from the larger bunny by selecting both and clicking Minus Front in the Pathfinder palette.

Then create your text. Create outlines. That gives you filled joined text.

Put the filled text over the filled compound path and click Unite.


@Jules Oh how I love you!Thankyou, I will do it first thing! I will let you know!!


Chuckle! My pleasure. Let me know if it works, I’m just guessing without seeing the actual file, but that should work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Posting in Problems and Support opens a technical support ticket with Glowforge staff. It is intended for technical issues with the machine or app, not questions on how to use third-party software. I’ll move this to the appropriate forum, although they will still check in now that a ticket has been opened.

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@ Jules when I move the smaller bunny away from the larger bunny, select the larger bunny, select fill color…the smaller bunny changes with the larger…vise versa

Send me a copy of the bunny in a Private Message so I can take a look at it…I’m not sure how it’s constructed right now, and can’t do anything but guess based on your video.

Update: I think we got it squared away in the PM.

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