Help with inkscape and PNG

Good day folks,

I’m making a quick engraving into a cutting board, and found a clipart of a chef hat. The whole thing looks great in inkscape, but when I brought it into the GFUI there is an odd L shaped line. The line which isn’t seen below is top and right of the hat.

Any ideas on how to get rid of it or where it is coming from?



Not sure how to get rid of it but should be easy. I don’t have the time right this second. When I brought the PNG image into Photoshop I noticed that the background is both null and white. I’m sure the space between those backgrounds is your problem. That’s where the line appears in the GFUI. Fill the white and null areas with white in a drawing program. Or make the white a null color.


@rpegg both beat me and is more detailed. So, yeah, clean up the hat and everything should be good.

I find that transparent backgrounds are interpreted as black when it comes to engraving from inkscape.

I used GIMP to go in and make a white background layer behind the artwork, then exported to PNG, then imported that image into Inkscape. It solved the problem, just like @rpegg said.

So there is no way to edit the chef hat image in inkscape? Just don’t want to get into gimp

You can Path/trace bitmap. That vectorizes it, then I think Path/object to path. Then you can edit the trace.
Changing the view to outline is a good way to check the file.


I started tinkering before I read your post. That is what I did and it worked perfect. Basically I traced it, deleted all the extra outline lines. Then filled, and saved as PNG. Perfect.

thanks folks


Yeah, I hear ya on not wanting to roll into GIMP, especially when you have a simple image like this. I was doing something far more complicated, where tracing was not an option.