Help with inkscape design/cut

Hey guys! I’m working on this design for a coworker for a valentines pal gift exchange and I’m still a bit of a newbie. I thought I did it all right by having it all on the same layer and same color. However, when importing the design to the glowforge to begin cutting… it still seems to recognize other lines that I assumed would be hidden. I have my view of the inkscape image (I’m hoping to cut out the blue shape) and I have the image my glowforge sees.

Any suggestions on how to fix this so when I cut it I will get one solid piece and not those extra boxes etc that will cut apart the design? Sorry if this isn’t clear…


You’re looking for union. I would search the forum for inkscape booleans.

The good news is that you’re like 3 commands away from having this done, I’d have to see the actual file to know exactly what to do here, but it’ll be some combination of difference and union actions, with a possible ungrouping or two. Once you know how to use your boolean actions, this is literally a 15 second process.


Thanks! I’ll look into that now :slight_smile:

I am a big fan of path manipulation and view it as a core skillset here.

I like tavmjong bah’s tutorials, and have recommended them a few times, here you go:

We’ll see how it goes!!! That was exactly the piece I was missing. This will be the first piece I’ve “designed” so to speak, so thank you SO much for helping me along my way!


I doesn’t look like you have a cut line - just engrave.

It’s a vector, they can select any of the options

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I know. This is a new user that originally had a cut line, but now he doesn’t and I think he is going to be disappointed with the outcome. I was trying to alert him.


Thank you for looking out :slight_smile: I did switch it to cut before going, I almost sent another photo but I didn’t want to go crazy with too many replies on my post.

I’ll post the finished product when I get a moment, another co-worker wanted something similar when I showed an in progress shot.

Thanks all for the help!! You all are amazing <3


All done! Phew! And a bonus heart I made for another coworker for her to give to her husband for their anniversary. They turned out great! Lesson learned though… make sure the fonts are thick enough so they don’t snap toooooo easily. The F in February broke off, and a bit of the H in Humble.

They still look great though! Thanks again all who took the time to help and even just read and pass out some likes. I love this community and my glowforge so much!


It is always nice to see the final product when someone has asked for help. I am glad you got these completed and that you learned some things to avoid. Keep designing, forging and sharing.


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