Help with iPhone issue

I ran into a problem today. I am into hockey pretty heavy and decided today to use my iPhone as a hockey puck. What I can’t understand is that it not only broke during the game but it didn’t act like my usually hockey puck when I hit it. I mean come on! Apple charged me 699 for this joke of a hockey puck and my original one was only 13.99. I don’t understand why when apple was designing a smartphone they didn’t consider making it function more like my cheap hockey puck. When I hit my hockey puck it goes exactly where I need it and then I can just skate up and hit it again without any issues but when I tried it with my iPhone it would stop shorter than I expected and also keep spinning so when I hit it again it would veer from my desired path.

I know that if I wanted a cheap hockey puck that was what I was used to using and would act like what I was used to using I should have just bought a hockey puck. But the iPhone sounded so cool with the cameras and nice user interface and omg I could use the cloud to store and transfer information between my computer and my iPhone! I just wish apple would make my iPhone act more like my hockey puck so I can easily repeat the same action over and over again. Oh well maybe when the 8 comes out they will consider it.

Edit: pretty heavy on the sarcasm on the post since I know it doesn’t always come across on screen.


:confounded: Sympathies!


I do appreciate satire. Especially when it predicates the source it is mocking :slight_smile:


“Keep your phone on the ice!”

I dropped mine on an icy parking lot and kicked it under a car. They do slide well.

So I take it that the phone is toast? Bummer.


I think you need to be using the Canadian ehPhone for hockey puck functionality.



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There’s an app for that…



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I bought this car a year ago and I’ve just found out the windows do not roll down. The marketing said it had “power windows” but apparently what they meant was that the windows have a coating on them that act as inefficient solar panels. Boy, I really should have taken a test drive… I mean read some reviews… I mean begged for information more diligently back at the beginning.



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Turns out they also make terrible bobbers for fishing

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