Help with Mylar Sheet

Hi all,

Please I’m struggling with cutting 7mil Mylar sheet;
@250/17 - it’s not cutting through and leaving burnt discolouration
240/17 - cut through but still leaving burnt discolouration.

Sounds like you’re cutting way too slow. For thin things like mylar set the speed to the highest and dial down power until you just cut through.


I used 300 / 35 and got perfect cuts on 7.5 mil mylar.


Generally speaking you want to go as fast as possible, so find the power setting that works with a speed of 500. I’ve only cut mylar a couple of times and the way I used it any discoloration wasn’t material to my purpose. If you are still getting discoloration try masking it.

Number 6.


Thanks everyone. Will play around today. Cheers