Help with notepad

Silly question, but I’ve never made one a notebook cover. I didn’t think about them being so much thicker than the paper cover and now the damn thing doesn’t really close. I’ve already taken out a bunch of paper and it’s getting pretty thin, any other trick I could try other than bending the heck out of it?

BTW, this is a 4"x4" cover, look at that tiny engraving!


Bigger orings!

Yeah, I made a quick gift for a niece and no time for bigger rings. Was hoping for a trick not so obvious lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only other suggestion I can think of is to put the covers back into the Glowforge and engrave the heck off the backsides.


Oh, that might work! I’ll try doing just the back of one of them.

No, that’s pretty much your two options…less paper or just use a cover instead of a cover and a backing. (Since I like both, I wound up taking a lot of the paper out to accommodate it.)

(Makes good notebook paper though…pre-cut with holes and everything…get some Padding Compound.)

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Get it rebound with a larger diameter?

You can also use a chipboard backing - it’s thinner but still pretty stiff.

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:smile: Ok, even less paper!

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@cynd11 is the hero! Engraved both sides and fits perfectly now. Got done just as we got ready to walk out the door and go deliver it :slight_smile: Thanks Cyn!


Well I’m sure as heck going to try that on the next one…way to go Cyndie! :sunglasses::+1::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles:


Well how about that? I was thinking you’d need to do the whole back but it looks like it works fine to just do the area near the rings. I’ll have to remember that.


Yeah, I was doubtful too, but it was binding at the very top where the wood edge met the top of the paper and there wasn’t enough clearance in the rings. I’ve been playing with it and it’s working quite well actually!


LOL, that’s was my only solution too so great minds think alike.

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50 pt chipboard is great for a back cover. 30 pt is serviceable for a small notebook like this, but too floppy for a big one… IMHO. Either is a lot thinner than 1/8" laserable wood and will buy you a lot of room for pages.

Possibly cut the holes larger or engrave an angle on it on bot sides to provide more space for the metal rings when closed

Tear out the extra pages to make it fit :slight_smile:

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I had already taken out so many and it was starting to look like mighty thin. I didn’t want the goddaughters to think I was being chintzy with the paper lol :stuck_out_tongue: Luckily the thin little engrave at top allowed for extra clearance and cynd saved the day.


So now I googled around, and learned a thing.

These are called twin-loop wire bindings, and you can get them in any size/color you want. You also need (?) a special machine to complete the process.

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Future thought. Don’t engrave a full price of wood. Engrave veneer. Then glue veneer (self-adhesive veneer makes this easier) to a sheet of chipboard or, even better, illustration board or Matt board. Much thinner than 1/8.