HELP with PG Leather & Dye!

Hi there! Has anyone used dye on the proofgrade leather? I have alcohol based Fiebings leather dye and wasn’t sure if I needed to do anything to the leather before applying the dye. Or does PG leather come ready to dye? Also, can I dye the PG leather first with alcohol based dye before putting it through the laser? Is that toxic?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

There’s a lot of good leather info on here, try reading through @jae’s posts.

and hmm, @morganstanfield is also a leather expert, though she hasn’t been active in a while.

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Good paces to get started.

(and generally speaking dyeing your leather first presents no problem to the laser, it doesn’t increase toxicity unless the dye itself is toxic, which is not really a common thing. All things you laser will be toxic to some degree, this is why we have good ventilation or filter setups. Get your vent in order and your only real worries are fires and other ways to damage the machine. Read about PVC and why you definitely don’t want to laser that.)

You seem fairly new to the forum, you might also like this post, it helps answer a lot of common stuff:


It’ll work beautifully. These were done with leather dyes (mostly Ecoflo cuz that’s what I have).


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