Help with the Free Snowman Globe Ornament from yesterday

Good Morning! I downloaded and cut one of the Snowman Globe Ornaments that was released for the premium members yesterday. My Main question: Is there any way to “Ungroup” the items? I need to print 1 more cat, but I don’t want to print (and waste) all of the wood just for one more tiny cat. Also, I would like to ungroup so I could just add my own text to the family name. I ended up finding my own banner and adding my own name because I couldn’t get the “family name” out of the banner that was on the file.

THANK YOU to anyone that can help! :slight_smile:

You can select an individual cat or any other item using the select tool. The design is not grouped. Drag all elements you don’t want to print off of the print area. If you need extra cats you can copy and paste an individual one. Use the text tool to add your info and set the existing family info to ignore in the interface.

This is explained better in the design instructions - Before You Begin section


Good idea about the dragging and dropping… I didn’t even think of that (I must be tired lately!) Thank you! I’ll look again at the “family name” part… I just added another banner and typed in the name so that worked.

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