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can someone help me with this picture I’m trying to cut around the sides and I’m using wood! because all the jpg the i find online i convert them but i can’t cut them


I can’t see it

sorry i fix it

So, my guess is you are going to engrave the picture and then you want to cut around the edges, right? To do that you need to create a vector line the exact size of the engraved rectangle. Do it in one of the vector drawing apps like Inkscape (free), Affinity Designer (reasonable), or Illustrator (expensive). Let’s say you are using the free Inkscape. You will create a rectangle the size you want the finished piece to be, then you will place the artwork on top of it (resizing to fit if necessary), then save the result as an SVG file. Make sure your vector program embeds the JPG. I can’t be real specific about the commands since I don’t use Inkscape, but you can get a good start by trying the tutorials for Inkscape here.

Edit: one other thing. I’m not sure of the source of your image, but you will get better results if you can get your images in PNG format instead of JPG. JPG images can give lower quality results due to the introduction of image artifiacts.


Thank you so much and yes that’s what i’m trying to do engrave and then cut it around the edges.

There are multiple ways of doing this, but this may be the most straightforward using Inkscape.

In Inkscape open a new document and go to File->Import. Browse to your image and select embed when it asks if you want to embed or link.

Select the image by clicking on it. At the top of your Inkscape window will be a box labeled X, Y, W and H. Write these down. This is the location and the width and height of your object. Next to the H box is a drop down for your unit of measure. You can change it if you want.

On the left-hand-side of your Inkscape window should be a toolbar. In it (fifth one down from the top most likely) is a rectangle tool (not the 3D box tool). Click it.

Hover your mouse in the general area of the picture, hold down the left mouse button and create a rectangle.

On the left-hand-side toolbar click the mouse pointer button (first button.)

With the mouse click on the rectangle you just created. Type in the values for X, Y, W and H you wrote down in the second step above. Sometimes it takes multiple tries before Inkscape will accept the exact values you want. Persevere.

Go to File->Save As and save it as a svg file. You should now be able to upload it to the GFUI.

As mentioned by cynd11, you should save the image as a png first.



Right click on this image and save where you can find it easily. Load your batman bitmap as you have. Then upload this SVG into the GFUI operations space. It is proportioned for your batman engraving. You can resize it within the operations space as you wish and place it around your batman bitmap.

Alternatively you can open up this SVG as is in Inkscape and then import the bitmap of the batman. Position as you wish and then save. Then upload that into the Design Space.


Thank you so much


Thank you to everybody i find out how to do this is my first picture I’m so happy.


Looks great! :grinning:

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Thank you

Came out fantastic! Now you’re on your way to great things!

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Thank you and i will try lol

That’s pretty good. Nice contrast and a good image to work with.

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yes the picture got nice contrast i try whit another picture and don’t even looks like that one

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That came out sweet!

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Well done!

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Thank you

Thank you :grinning:

Nice work everyone - thank you for your help.

The print looks awesome!