Help with tweaking a 3D House design joints, PLEASE!

Good evening. I am reaching out [hope not inappropriately] to see if you might be able to test a design and offer any suggestions. I have been designing with paper for 25 years and this is my first holiday creating my card on the glowforge.

I have created a 3D house and it seems to fit in but some are a bit look and some a bit tight. I have a second roof line that I am sure there is an easier way to make fit better.

I would be happy to pay you for your time, if you are interested.

It would use 1 piece of birch ply. 1/8”

Aldo I need to create some square openings and have been trying to get kerf right to fit with acrylic but either too tight or too loose. I have watched videos and read tips and clearly something is not working for my brain.

I have made some great projects on the GF but this one seems to be a bit of a challenge for me.

Thanks in advance!

You will need to upload the file(s) for anyone to run a print.

I have them ready to share but wanted to be sure if anyone was interested in helping first. Are you offering?

I’d take a look at it for you.


Thank you

Here you go. The roofline on the front door isn’t as tight unless I hold tightly and apply glue.

Thanks a million for any suggestions/assistance. Much appreciated


Press fit can be tricky. I’ve made things that go together perfectly one day, and after the wood experiences temperature and humidity shifts, it no longer fits. I have better luck making them deliberately a little loose and relying on the magic of glue.

There are some more clever ways of doing it – if you search the forum for words like “locking tabs”, you can find a lot of past topics. Even @dan himself has gifted us one approach: Serrated tabs - no more glue


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