Help with wood passthrough slots (not the GF passthrough)

Hey all, so I’m pretty new and I got a few svg’s of boxes and containers. I’ve cut out the design (1/4 birch), only to realize that the slots for the other wood to pass through aren’t wide enough for the thickness of the wood. Anyone have any suggestions that are easy fixes? I have a few ideas I’m trying to execute, but they are very LABORIOUS to say the least!!
So the wood slat on the left needs to pass through the top right slot, and the tabs on the bottom of the left need to fit into the square tabs on the one on the bottom right… Of course this is just an example as I have 10 pieces total to try to fix!
Thanks everyone!
PS I’ve been using Inkscape to work on.


What you’re talking about is node editing. It’s a key concept in any vector design. Here’s a good resource to get you going:

This is technically for an older version of inkscape but it hasn’t changed since then.


Thanks so much for the resource, it actually answered a lot of random questions I’ve had about editing nodes… I was actually looking for a way to make sure the slots were wide enough for the wood to go through… I kept the design to “scale” from the designer but they still weren’t wide enough to pass through. However I think I’ve found a workaround, but don’t know if its ideal so
guess trial and error at this point… basically I recreated the slots and using this tool (one at a time) to try to recut the slots

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 10.32.03 PM|690x462


Yeah what @evansd2 said. You might find it faster to go to and have it create a box with finger holes for the correct width of your material, and then use those slots to copy paste into your design. Still node editing though :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind the size of the box changing, you can bring the whole design into Inkscape, select it all and apply a % change to the design to accommodate the wood size. Just scale the design by the % difference from the material size it was designed for. Lock the x/y sizes so they adjust proportionately and change the size to i.e. 105%. All of the dimensions in the design will adjust by that much including the length and width of the slots and tabs. Easy peasy if the final size of the project isn’t a big deal.


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