Hephaestus is online



I am super excited to have my Glowforge. Lately I have been getting down to business learning Adobe Illustrator, but I wanted to show some things I have made!

First print!

Next up, some doll furniture

Then a tab box, to hold a card game and consolidate a bunch of boxes. Non proof grade materials. Truly an adventure.

and lastly an escutcheon. A little too cliche?


What a great group of first projects! I love the doll furniture.


You really hit the ground running! It’s easy to see you’re having fun. That spiral-legged table is just too fun.


Doll house furniture! Another wormhole to go down…

Great projects!


Nice projects! Plan to do some doll furniture some day … Yours turned out great!


Figures you would name him Hephaestus. That was the name I choose for mine!

and as soon as i saw the doll furniture i knew who it was! Ok i either have to think of a new name or call him Hephaestus EC (East Coast).


You found me! Vulkan has a nice ring to it.


Could do the Roman name. yeah that will also appeal to the BF. He had a Vulcan bike when he was younger and he is a Star Trek fan. Though i do like the “k”. everything is better with a “k” :slight_smile:




The photo engraving came out great! How did you do that?


All great projects! (I’m likin’ the squid…) :grinning:


I just found a picture, and imported it. Easy as that. It looks better further away though. I would recommend picking a picture with better contrast to make the object of the picture really pop.


Welcome! Looks like you’re off to a great start. You moved right into 3D and crushed it!


awesome projects… my 1st prints yet to come… hoping to post them soon.


The Ironman GF button is awesome!


Love the squid