Here comes Rudy..tealight



Unfortunatly the tealights I have are yellow hue so his red nose doesn’t show red. Will look around or just diy one with a white LED.

I might also need to paint in more colors…


Piece of red acrylic for the nose maybe?


Too soon! Too soon! Not yet Halloween! (Darling though!) :smile:


I might just cut a puzzle piece to fit…this was a piece of red film…like you use on stage lights. (Gel)


That just might do it, even using a tea light with a yellow glow. Bonus is that it is a great use of scrap acrylic. I will have a hard time tossing any scraps. Have way too much HTV, vinyl and paper scraps in boxes. Although I do use them in the Silhouette quite a bit.


If you’re done with Halloween crafting, it is time to work on Christmas crafts. Especially for selling. Just label them “WARNING: Not for use until after Thanksgiving”. :grin: That might even be a cute thing to engrave on the bottom of them.

I’m old school and still mail cards out. I make about 90 each year. I’m just getting the first design started and feel WAY behind this year.


Another Awesome design! :grinning:


Good idea…lol


Hope this doesn’t hijack the thread, but since we are talking about Christmas, here goes.

I’m interested in trying to direct engrave on glass ornaments. Round ones are a no go for the Glowforge, but I did find these glass disc ornaments that are just 1 1/6 inches deep for the ones linked and 1 7/16 inches deep for the bigger ones that they have on Amazon.

It might take some work to get the power/speed levels right so the very thin glass doesn’t crack, but I hope I can get them to work. They have a slightly domed surface. Likely will engrave, then paint the inside of the ornaments. Possibly paint on the outside and engrave the color off - or both with contrasting colors inside and out.

I ordered a box of both (for next year’s holiday, unfortunately) and will be giving them a try when my Glowforge arrives. I’ll post results then.


You should do a new thread as it may get better exposure with its own headline. Not everyone reads through all comments on posted topics.


I’ll give it a try.


This look like it would be a lot of fun…but as you said, for next year. I’ll look forward to hearing and seeing how it all worked with the Glowforge.


Just ordered a couple of boxes too. I’m going to play with them next week. Nice find. Never would have stumbled across them myself.


I think the flattened bulb ornaments are a great idea. Can’t wait to see someone try them. Will follow them on their other thread.


If I had my GF I’d make one today and put it up! I will not comply!
My wife however would take it right back down and hide it until after Thanksgiving…