Here is your next toy after your GF arrives


Sure the GF will be great with all its features, but it is limited in material types to cut…enter the Wazer!

That would be a great complementary device!


We already have a long running thread on this:

A bunch of people on here Kickstarted on day one.
I don’t currently have the space or money for one so I am holding off for now. It is super cool though!


i am on the list for one. Now I need a bigger shop. :grinning:


I started telling my wife about this and before I could finish, she looked me straight in the eye and gave me a calm but stern “no”. :innocent:


“Evil pure and simple from the 8th dimension!” :japanese_ogre:



Want one, but if I’m honest’ don’t really have a use for it and as a UK citizen. The likely future state of our economy means that I may not even be able to justify the Glowforge in the coming months.
I want it real bad though, so I’m not cancelling.


Should have waited till the ship notice came through. :wink:


Hey man, you gotta live with her! Priorities!

"Hey, can you go?"
She said “Fine”.
Oh… OK, maybe next time.


Smart man.

“Fine” - A word used by women to end a conversation when she knows she is right and you need to shut up. :smile:


… that’s not permission - it’s a dare. :zipper_mouth:


Been drooling over it since the first thread…


Thats why I ordered mine and told her after. Better ask for forgiveness than permission.


The trick to not annoying the wife is to have enough tools that she doesn’t recognize a new acquisition.


Ah the 48 hour rule. If a purchase has sat in plain sight for at least 48hrs you’re entitled to say “oh that thing? Is been around for ever”


depends on whether you value your tools or your wife more.

Of course, it helps if she’s your partner more than your adversary; but in a good relationship, honesty will work and she’ll be happy for you to have the tools you want just as much as you are happy for her to get the things she wants.

I can talk about the WAZER when he has a trio of servers that are recent enough to run current versions of his software. Good balance wins more and future deals.


This doesn’t really work. My wife can sniff out new board games in an instant. “What’s that game? I’ve not seen that one before!” Also Magic cards… you would think, given that I have thousands, a few new ones would go unnoticed… but not really.