Here's a tip

My favorite restaurant is a mongolian style diner. They have a small temporary wall along one side of the large wok thing, and since it cannot bear weight, there are signs to caution you not to lean on them. These are printed and taped up.

Well… we can’t have that! I own a laser cutter, and have had no idea what to do with the two-tone acrylic I picked up from Inventables.

Now I have an excuse to go out for dinner again! Mwahahahahah!


Wow, that’s killer! What two tone did you use? I still haven’t used any of mine either, just have been saving it for something special I guess…


Very Nice. You may get a free dinner.

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That came out nicely. Did you redraw? Scan? Get the original art?

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Touched up photo of the wall?

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Looks like a “don’t feed the baby a bottle from your butt” sign… lol


Looks great


Much nicer! :sunglasses:

I thought it was a fire extinguisher. :blush: I’m thinking having the wall there for context probably makes it more obvious!


Nice Job

Bronze on black. I figured I had to get that one to do some kind of a plaque, but the occasion never came up. Seemed fitting here though. I am glad I reversed it though, nearly did black for the figures, that would have been bad.

I plan to give it to them after the meal, which is the pun from the title I failed to follow through with on the post :slight_smile:

I loaded the photo of the image into Inkscape and did a trace bitmap, had tons of extra nodes and artifacts with the initial settings I used. Tried to clean that up a little bit and then decided to just do it myself.

In the end, I did normal circles for the heads, then a slight curve on the corners of a rectangle, which I copied and rotated to assemble each person. Getting the curve for the legs was a little harder to manage, so that part doesn’t look precisely like the original, but close enough :slight_smile:

I always wondered about why there is a person on their knees under the wall. But after seeing how very many options there are online for similar pictogram type people… I gave up and decided to just replicate :slight_smile:

Very much so. The thing falling over is a near perfect profile of the actual wall, which is a small normal wall with a runner along the top that is like a stairway handrail.


What a very cool thing to do! This sign is a definite improvement.