Here's my new stand earmarked for the Glowforge


I just inherited this sewing machine stand. I am going to use it for my Glowforge.


Oh wow, that brought back a lot of memories. When I was little, my grandma would sew at one of those and I’d sit in the floor by her feet and watch the treadle.


I know what you mean. I’m probably a lot older than you. It was my job when I was little to run the treadle while my mom sewed. She did not like having to do too many things at once. My sisters learned to sew on that machine. Dad disconnected the treadle and they could only move the wheel by hand to sew. He did not want them going to fast and accidentally hurting themselves.


Ohhhh I like it. You will need to name your Glowforge “Singer”


Wow. We have one of those with a fully working sewing machine inside. My wife’s grandmother used it until she died.


Great Idea!


I’ve actually been looking for one for the exact same thing! I’ve come across the leg hardware a couple times. I might just have to settle with that and build a top.
I have one of those drawers in my bathroom for my shaving stuffs. Good find!


My understanding is that old sewing machines like this were very common, which means that they shouldn’t be hard to find. I think my mom was looking to sell my grandma’s a few years back and found that they weren’t worth very much… at least not as much as you would expect an antique to be worth.


is it big enough?


Size might be an issue. Ours wouldn’t really fit the GF - not with any room for the odd bit or piece of a project next to it.

My K40 is on a 4’ long bench I made and there’s always something next to it on the bench - or the shelf above.


That is amazing. I can’t wait for a picture.


Wow, they just don’t make things like that any more. My Great Grandmother had one just like that and I remember my cousin and I trying to fit under there to make the treadle go. She used to keep the key to the drawers on a chain around her neck so we couldn’t reach into a drawer and hurt ourselves on pins/needles/scissor etc. Probably for the best because we were into everything. I’m sure your GF will look great on there.


This is a great idea. I have had a bottom sewing machine stand that I used as a table, it is so heavy, and can easily have a new table top mounted to fit the dimensions of the laser cutter. Smart and beautiful.