Hermione called about your SPEW donation


I decided to dress up our lost sock box in the laundry with some help from the Glowforge :slight_smile:

Now I’m just waiting for someone to notice it :wink:


That’s genius! :smile:


That’s great - I love it!


Awwwww, cute!


This is really just too cute! Almost makes me wish our kids were still young. There are grandchildren though!




If you like it, it’s good enough to do for yourself. Never mind the housemates.
If they like it, well, then the Glowforge is that much more valuable.


This is wonderful! These special little touches to ordinary things are a delightful use of the Forge.


Did you make 2 (or just both sides)?

The top pic has the engraving on top but the bottom pic has it on the bottom slat :thinking:


That’s fine until you’re awoken in the middle of the night by a scream and “Master has set me Freeeeeee”




Love it, but his left hand kinda looks like he’s letting his boys get some air. :wink:


Clever! If only your Glowforge could summon the missing socks :slight_smile:


Too funny! I just keep putting lost socks back in the laundry until they reunite :wink: