Hi-Flow Air Cleaner Cover for HD Sportster

Welcome to my first topic I started on the forums!

About 3 years ago, I began making custom air cleaners for Harley-Davidson Sportsters. Unfortunately at the time the hand & power tools I had to work with, work hours and quality wasn’t quite enough to be sustainable, and fulfilling orders took too much time to make it profitable, albeit a fun adventure.

Welcome Glowforge!

Before I left for California for 9 days, I made a custom Ace of Spades cover for my existing hand-made air cleaner. The pics show it on my 2008 Harley 883C Sportster. Now, I just need to work on setting up and getting the forge to ut the back plate from 1/4" acrylic for the mount to the intake and I will have a 100% viable solution to knock these out on-demand!

The cover was quick, easy to design in AI and export out and get printed and cut, I have all the dimensions and such for the back plate, just need to play with power, speed, number of passes etc. to do a few prototypes to get it right. It’s so awesome to be able to etch the image (without using the “eraser” sandblaster and stencil) and cut the outside as well as mounting bolt hole all in a short time.


Excellent! Welcome to the forum. :grinning:

Love to see artistic/useful products made with the Glowforge. Please keep us posted on your new designs.

An amazing first post! I really like that cover design.

That really pops on the bike. Nice work!

You’re going to definitely make some people jealous with that!