Hi Glowforge community! Newbie and first attempt creating Kalachakra seed

I just got my GF a couple of days ago and excited to attempt to create on it. I made Kalachakra seed symbol, essential art in Tibetan Buddhism. I am looking forward to sharing and learning along the way. Hoping to bring out some good traditional Tibetan design and share with the community. Please let me know good tips you can share with me.

Thank you all!



Welcome :slight_smile:

Start here, it’s full of good tips:


Welcome. We are looking forward to seeing your designs. Read the tutorials and then jump in with a simple design. There are lots of helpful people here.


If the art is hand drawn on paper, you can scan the art as you draw it right in the Glowforge user interface. Look for tutorials on the Glowforge forum on the trace feature. It does take some work to distinguish what is to be cut and what is to be scanned for engraving. One way to help is to put a nice clear rectangle around the art. That will be the cut line and the rest you can engrave.

You can also just load the art in the interface if it is digital or if you have scanned it to digitize it.


Welcome to the community!


Welcome to our family.

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Hey, welcome to the group! Lots of fun to be had here, so dive on in! :grinning:

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Thanks for your encouragement and good tips to start with. Looking forward to printing more. Thought I shared the image of design but I don’t see it. So posting it one more time.


Beautiful job. The different colors of your engrave really stand out. :grin:

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Looks great! :grinning:

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