Hi There! Newer owner wanting to cut rubber mats

I really want to cut out a set of rubber floor matts for an antique motorscooter I own.
These would need to be just a thin material like a car mat. These particular ones I need are not available

Below I included what sort of thing I am trying to do. I thought about just getting a roll and hand cutting, but if I can cut on my glowforge I would also engrave a logo as well.

Any sources and info on what to use safely - for myself and machine?




There’s a lot to say on that topic, and a lot of it has already been said! Here’s a forum search to get you started. Good luck! :slight_smile:



thank you - I had been looking and ordered one sheet of

Laser Engravable Products: Low Odor Laser Rubber, 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"

If it works I will do more


Folks have used EVA foam for different projects. Some of it is denser than others and it comes in various thicknesses. Would imagine you could find some that is laserable and applicable to your needs. Perhaps even have an EVA substrate and put a leather top on it. If it is an antique, you might not be putting it into heavy duty use, so something like this might work. Then again, you may be wanting to do authenticity. Polyesters work too, so a thick polyester felt could by glued onto an EVA base.

Just thinking out loud.

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