Hickory, Dickory, Dock

I decided to pick up some 1/4" (6mm) Hickory wood to make some extra thick coasters. I couldn’t really find any good settings on the forums, but thanks to @pubultrastar I was able to get headed in the right direction. I am happy with the engrave (Full/1000) but not sure about the cut. I had to do 3 passes at 130 to get it to cut all the way through. I also tried a few other speeds, like 200, but after 4 passes it still wasn’t cutting through. I also tried 100, but I was afraid it was going to singe.

Here is what my test piece looks like after cutting three passes at 130. (No engraving on this… as I was just trying to test the cut). Is this what I should expect for hardwood? A nice black edge? I actually like the look, and after wiping it down the char isn’t coming off and it kind of has a cool melted effect. But before I cut anything else I’d like to see if there are any suggestions.


Cut a larger piece with the engrave. I think I like it the way it is. Gosh, these hardwoods sure are some work! But I love the look.


I was able to get through some 1/4" walnut with 2 passes, but when I went to cut further toward the middle of the piece of wood it became apparent that it was a lot juicier and it would not cut all the way through - the sap just kept gluing it back together.

So presuming your wood is dry 3 passes sounds totes within normal range, and if your wood is sappy, CONGRATS!


Bet that smelled ok also.

Must be in a mood. Looked at that and only saw one thing.

Red Tide over Alabama State outline.
Bam Da Lam

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Thanks! I just cut another one, and it was making a little bit of a flame on the bottom of the Ohio on each pass, but it didn’t affect anything (and the flame went out each time after it got to about Marietta… lol

Lol… nice! I was debating on doing a big block O, but I’ll save that for another project :slight_smile:

That hickory is nice looking stuff!

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I have been cutting a lot of hardwoods on mine lately. I find that the Janka scale helps with estimating the feed and power rates, but definitely not perfectly. I’ve also been amazed at how much of a difference can be made in cutting stock that is .2 in and .25 in.

My suggestion would be to make a “straight line” svg file, upload it, and make multiple cust. I know it seems like the obvious route, but sometimes that is the only way I can get it to cut the way I want it. Most of the cut I’m making are getting sanded anyway, so I just try to get through it sometimes, but the settings to “YES” hit print and go for gusto.

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Thanks for the info! I was not familiar with the Janka scale, but it vaguely rings a bell. I found a nice chart here:

All 4 of my coasters cut from Hickory took a bit of time, but ended up coming out quite well! Here is a pic, though it’s tough to see the quality just from the picture. I love the feel and heft of the wood. I think my shape was easy enough to cut without having to do an individual svg file with multiple cuts. But I could see where that might be helpful.