High friction material?

I’m making some toys for use on a hardwood floor and want them to not slide too easily when bumped, so I figure I need something grippy to put on the bottom. My best idea so far is to seek some of the same material folks are using to engrave/cut rubber stamps (this link from other posts here seems promising). Anything actually adhesive is out — that’ll just become ineffective after picking up dust from the floor. Maybe also engraving/scoring some pattern to make it more grippy?

But before I go shopping… has anyone else faced similar issues? What kind of materials do you use?

I have not, but you might find craft foam does what you want - and it comes with adhesive on one side already.


How much do you want them not to slide? Rubber feet do a really good job of not sliding. They come on sheets, you peel them off and stick them on whatever you want to not slide. Used a lot on products, so you can buy them from ULINE and other industrial suppliers, or just Amazon for smaller quantities.