High Tack Recommendations

Anyone use a high tack transfer tape they would like to recommend? I’ve been using a medium one from US Cutter that just isn’t staying down on some of my pieces, causing some flames - no bueno!

This might help you:


The sanding makes a big difference. Sometimes I’m lazy when I just want to cut something quick and I mask it without sanding-huge difference whether it’s solid hardwood or plywood.

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Nope. Medium has been sufficient. As stated above, surface prep and how it is applied makes all the difference.

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Thx. Yeah I clean off and use a squeegee. Just want to know high tack experience from anyone that has used it.

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Pretty sure @jules used it at one point? Most people use medium tack, it’s sticky enough for all but the most stubborn materials. I think it’s even a bit too sticky for acrylic.

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No, I think mine was medium tack…but you do have to brayer/squeegee it down thoroughly to activate the adhesive.

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The small amount I used was enough to convince me to buy a roll of medium.

It stuck to baltic birch like a stubborn price sticker, and left residue behind.

I am sure every brand is different.

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See if there’s a vinyl sign shop in your area that would sell/give you a couple feet of their transfer tapes to try out. Most will be happy to. I suspect that you’ll find high tack too aggressive.

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TransferRite 592U

Use a signmaker’s squeegee or a brayer.

Also, tack cloth for cleaning, especially if you sand.

Put down and peel back up a sacrificial layer of the tape to grab loose fibers and dust if you are having issues with peel-up.

Adhesive activates with pressure and sets with time: mask your material early, let it set a little.


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