Higher volume exhaust fan needed it seems

OK gang,

I’m getting to finally run BEAMER some more. and it is getting a bit smokey because I’m cutting more than I ever have in one shot.

I have a 390 CFM vivosun fan at the moment. I am thinking I’m going to die in here when I got to cut the significant amount of leather in my future.

any suggestions?


make sure everything on the exhaust path is clear/clean and no leaks. 390 should be plenty.


I did retape some joints. after the fact so it will be a bit before the results are in.

I hadn’t thought about the fact that putting the unit into the window, and taking it out might have loosened things up. the last things I have done were shot glasses. No smoke :slight_smile:


if you have some sort of louver vent on the outside of where your hose goes, double check that there wasn’t a screen inside to keep bugs/small animals out. mine had that and the screen will clog up w/laser detritus.


i will check that too.


As always, make sure the fan is closest to the window/exhaust vent. Negative pressure in the indoor exhaust run is vastly better than positive.


it is AT the window with an 18" duct to the exterior.


That should be more than adequate, I would be looking for something getting jammed along the way. In the meantime also run the exhaust fan on the machine when things are going to be smokey.

I have not used any oak recently but (particularly when engraving) heavy water-carrying fibers do not burn as easily as the rest and become larger fibers in the smoke and piling up a lot like mouse nests along the way.

If you left the Vivosun running 24/7 it might slowly improve the path.

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when I get back i will give that a shot. I was making a carrier for a bottle of Angel’s Envy Bourbon. with a living hinge. lotsa cuts.