Hip flasks

Pre-painted flasks of the sort amazon carries. Used a relatively heavy score setting to remove the paint. I like the effect. Added a circle using the GF design tools on the black one.


Oh that’s cool looking! and as a score I imagine it didn’t take very long :slight_smile:


i did 2 passes, each just over 3 minutes


That looks so cool. Love the design!

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These turned out beautiful!!!

I love what you did with it. I am new to this and thought we couldn’t engrave on metal. Is this flask metal or plastic? If it’s metal, can you share your settings?

Greetings and welcome!

The Glowforge cannot engrave metal. It looks like these flasks are painted (maybe with acrylic) and, the laser is removing the paint layer from the metal.

It is also possible to remove the color from an anodized finish on aluminum. There are quite a number of anodized aluminum items commonly available for that (flasks, dog tags, business card-size pieces, keychains, flash drives, etc.).

There are coating sprays available that with react with a laser to mark other metals like steel. One popular one is Cermark. There are also some lower-cost options that may work in some cases.

A few searches will uncover a lot of discussion here, including settings. Note that settings are restricted to the Beyond the Manual category, though.

Also, you want to be very careful engraving on random plastics. Many emit chlorine compounds when burned that can destroy your machine very quickly.


These flasks were purchased already painted. I used a score to remove paint, exposing the metal below. Typically, one would use engrave to do this, resulting in a sharp contrast between paint and metal. Here the edge is less crisp. It works aesthetically due to the subject and the fine texture of the design.


If you check over in the Beyond the Manual section (the only place we can discuss non-PG settings), you should find quite a few posts about flasks and/or anodized aluminum to get you started with settings to try. :slight_smile:


What do you mean by a heavy score?

One a high power to speed ratio. I was trying to avoid stating the settings.