Hnefatafl - Viking Chess Board Game

Does anyone have the file for the game pieces that go with this chess board? it only gives me the game board which i must say is awesome.
Thank you in advance

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Many of the Glowforge files are multiple files. Look in your dashboard for additional files.



Thank you !!!


Just went in and looked and it only gives me file1

Search “chess” in your dashboard, they often are not next to one another.

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Yikes it still only gives me page 1

Email support or report the problem within the design itself.

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OK Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

To add to what @dklgood said, you do have to contact support. This should have 3 files. I had the same issue once with another file. I contacted support, and they had me rename the one I did have to something else, and then they were able to load the full set of files into my dashboard for me under the correct names.


Thank you Cmadok I will do that

i finally got the game pieces Not sure exactly how but I got them I just kept logging out and logging back in several times and then they appeared
Thanks for all the help


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