Hobby Lobby oops rare art


So apparently they got involved with smugglers somehow.


New photo by Mark Evans
I found this the other day, now to figure out how to get it open…


Look away, look away!


Don’t open your good eye!!!




they knew exactly what they were getting into; they’ve been in trouble for this for literally years. lots of articles about it. hilarious that this of all companies was very likely indirectly funding ISIS with these purchases.


This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen today!


Well obviously that’s what the oops was.

“We didn’t intend to get caught.”


Yeah, more like smugglers got involved with Hobby Lobby. :frowning: What’s worse, HLs desire to own all those biblical artifacts was likley supporting ISIS since they are heavily involved in looting Middle Eastern artifacts. I know most (all) museums are filled with looted stuff, but the hypocritical nature of this one makes it worse for me.


I guess I should have read previous comments before making my own lol :slight_smile:


Don’t all HobbyLobbys look like this???




Only on Sundays.